• Aloha Hawaii!

    We are going to celebrate the launch of our blog with a discussion of Hula, Hawaii and dancing. This month we are going to discuss how and why Hula has become such a powerful representation of its islands. When hearing about Hawaii, most people drop both hands to one side of their hips start swaying their hips. That is their assumption of Hula. What is yours?

  • Your thoughts on why Hula equals Hawaii?

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  • Our thoughts on why Hula equals Hawaii?

The Grass Skirt Dance

By Lin Chai Hula is known as Caoqun Wu (grass skirt dance) in China. Emily mentions in her article how the costuming of hula has changed over time, but here the whole thing is conveyed by the costume. “Do you know how to dance Caoqun Wu?” it might be the first question bringing up when … Continue reading

Why does hula equal Hawaii?

When your personal introduction includes the statement, “I was born in Hawaii” most listeners get a twinkle in their eye and many drop both hands to one side of their hips and start waving away.  This is an impression of hula. There have been many impressions, few are flattering.  I was born in Hawaii but … Continue reading

Hula education through Disney

This is the first time I’ve heard about the Merrie Monarch festival. I wasn’t influenced by the Pan Am      airlines advertising due to its non-existence in Russia. I haven’t even traveled to Hawaii yet. And yes,  when I see a woman with a flower in her hair, lei around her neck wearing a … Continue reading

A View from Outside in

Hula by Hollywood in the 40’s Hula Love by Elvis in the 60’s Hula by Disney in the 90’s Hula by Disney in 2000